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University Involvement 


Voter Friendly Campus 

The Graduate Student Lead to get Texas State University secured as a Voter Friendly Campus.  I am managed a team of two fellows, and a budget of over $2,000 that I got us from a grant.  The team planned and hosted events throughout the fall semester promoting civic engagement 

Student Government

Served as a senator for the College of Liberal Arts for two years and served in the cabinet as the Director of Student Services.

Student Association for Campus Activities

Event Coordinator for the student association of Campus Activities where i planned and executed events for the students and helped manage a budget of 20,000

Model Arab League

Part of the Model Arab League team on campus.  During my time I competed in three competitions where i learned speech, and diplomacy.  

Model UN and Model OAS

Part of The Model UN teams and the Model OAS teams.  I competed twice, one for the Harvard team at my university where we went to HMUN and chaired one committee at Model OAS.

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

Member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority.  For multiple semesters I was a proctor for the sorority.

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